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Mexican Libertads and Modern Mexican Coins/ Mexican Libertads, Mexican Onzas, Mexican Proof Libertads, Pre-Columbian sets and State Series coins- anything minted in Mexico is our specialty!

Mexican coins are sought after around the world for their beauty and rarity. Mexican libertads and other sets are extremely difficult to find. Here at Lois and Don Bailey Numismatic Services we have built a reputation as the finest resource in the world for buying and selling Mexican coins.

As one of the few American authorized distributors for the Banco de Mexico with coins minted by Casa De Moneda Mexico, we wrote the book on Mexican Numismatics. We have been awarded the highest honors in coin collecting by Mexico, and were appointed by the U.S. President to serve as numismatic ambassadors. At Don Bailey, we offer Mexican coins for sale, but more than that, we offer you unparalleled access to information about these coins amassed with over 50 years in the business. We travel frequently to and from Mexico to find out firsthand about rare issues and key dates.

Mexican coin collectors know collecting Mexican coins is exciting. With its combination of beautiful and intricate designs, storied history, and the oldest mint in North America (founded in 1535 by the Spanish to mint the gold they had obtained from the locals), Mexico mints some of the rarest coins ever produced. We know it can be a challenge to find the coin that completes your set or satisfies your collector’s quest for the year. That’s why when you buy from us, you can be sure you are getting up to the minute prices that are usually straight from the Mexican Mint.

Many new investors and collectors have been flocking to silver and gold as a way to protect their overall portfolio. If you are interested in silver and gold, why not get the most beautiful silver and gold in the world? A relatively recent area of high-growth, the price of Mexican Moderns has gone up and trends to go up even higher. This is what happens when you combine rare metals and rare coins- and this is why more and more people are adding a sizable Modern Mexican Coin collection to their existing coin collections and safety deposit boxes.

Here at Don Bailey, we believe that relationships last a lifetime, and we want you to be happy with the coins you purchase from us. We will also purchase coins from you! We are in this business because we absolutely love Mexican coins. We’re not just a company that sells coins, we’re a company that collects coins. Libertads, Pre-Columbian, State Commemoratives, Onzas, and all Modern Mexican coins are our specialty.

We have been in this business for 50 years, and if you are not already one of our customers, we invite you to join. Don and Pat will be happy to return e-mails with questions about coins, and there is a good chance that they can find answers to questions that nobody else in the world knows the answer to. This is the benefit of shopping at the Mexican coin store run by the world’s foremost experts on Modern Mexican Coins!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. We value your choice to visit us, so please feel free to browse our inventory. E-mail us with any questions. If there is anything you can’t find that you are looking for, ask us to help you find it. Chances are we’re looking for it too, and we might just be able to pick you up an extra one while we’re at it!

Don Bailey


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