On Sept 21, 2001 Don Bailey was awarded the Insignia Grade of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle in the gardens of the historical Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco Convent in Mexico City.  The award, the highest honor that can be awarded to a non citizen was awarded by Ambassador Enrique Berruga, Mexico's Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs.

Over 50 invited guests attended this special ceremony, which included most of the numismatists in the Mexico City area. Undersecretary Berruga said this high honor acknowledges Bailey's "endeavors as  an important path to follow to finding, through accurate historical and technical research, the roots and depth of an issue that has been essential for civilization itself."

In addition to the decoration, Berruga presented Bailey with a decree proclaiming  his selection to the order signed by Mexican President Fox and Foreign Secretary  Jorge Castaneda.

In his acceptance Bailey noted his love and affection for the Mexican people, their customs and their history.  "As we all know  the history of a country can be told through their coinage."

This award was established in 1933 and has had several changes over the years.  All classes except the Insignia are awarded only to foreign diplomats, with the Insignia grade being for all other foreigners so honored.



Ambassador Enrique Berruga, Mexico's Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs makes the presentation. 


Clyde Hubbard examining the award  while Sergio Torres Martinez and Alberto Hidalgo look on.




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